My Bible Phone

** My Bible Phone - The #1 Free Daily Religious Bible App for Android **
My Bible Phone helps you to stay connected with God by allowing you to make your phone as inspirational as possible! Every day you are greeted with daily inspiration to take on the day including a new prayer and a Bible verse with added commentary.

In the app, you can read daily devotions and prayers, play trivia, view the word of the day, unlock numerous prayer books, view Bible verses by topic, and track your journey of growing closer to God.

Custom features allow you to favorite prayers and bible verses, customize your lock screen with Bible verses to showcase the inspirational content you want to see most and choose beautiful HD Bible phone backgrounds.

Features Include:
● Bible Verses and Daily Prayers: Unique content updated 3 times a day
● Bible Verses by Topic: Over 40 different topics to view
● Bible Trivia: Play 3 rounds per day that increase in difficulty
● Earn Prayer Points: Use them to receive deluxe content and locked features
● Register Your Account: Have the ability to save more Bible content, receive additional prayer points and achieve a more custom experience
● Track Your Journey: Make your journey with God more complete by getting to 100%. Increase your journey percentage by using the app for traditional Bible study or for entertaining its features.

Earn badges and collect prayer points as you progress through your personal journey of strengthening your daily connection to God! Prayer points can now be earned through rewarded video, in app purchases, and completing various goals.

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