[ Now free for 6 months, instead of $8.99 per month ] (Until December 20, 2017)
The best drawing App for manga & comic.
More than 3,000,000 users worldwide*.
The most popular app in the graphics software market** and among users of world-class social media sites*** .

Frequently used in professional fields.
World-class graphic app with superior functionality.
All-in-One Digital Art App for illustration, comics and animation.

Along with the natural feel of the pens, matched with the capabilities of the Apple Pencil, quality and speed of any work-flow are supported greatly.

Feature details
-for comic,manga -
-for illustration -
-for animation -

for Drawing & Painting
-Pen/brush tool with which you can comfortably draw a Manga
-Natural, realistic-looking pen strokes
-Draw vectors that can be processed and edited without losing quality
-[3D drawing figures] with freely customizable body shape
-Ruler for accurate drawings
-Neat, smooth color filling
-Create your own original colors
-Adjustment feature to improve the quality

for Manga & Comic
-Automatic creation of effect lines
-Unlimited screen tones
-Text balloons and handwritten text
-Smoothly create complicated frame borders
-All the management features you need for manga creation
-Perform auto actions with 1touch
-Advanced exporting functions

for Animation
-Light table and centerfold
-Onion skin
-Set the display order and speed in the timeline
-Export as a movie
-Export as an animated GIF
-Export as a series of still images

* Survey by CELSYS
** BCN Award and ranking calculated by number of sales through Amazon and nationwide retailers in the graphics software category
*** Calculated by CELSYS from figures announced on pixiv (2015/12-)

[ OS ]

[ Target devices ]
High resolution illustrations, manga, etc.
-2017 Version of the iPadPro 12.9inch or 10.5inch
-2015 Version of the iPadPro 12.9inch

Standard sized illustrations, comics and manga for web, etc.
-iPadPro 9.7inch
-iPad (5th)
-iPad Air 2

Web illustration etc.
-iPad running iOS 11

[ Pen supporting pen pressure ]
-Apple Pencil (for iPad Pro)
-Wacom Bamboo Sketch (for iPad)
-Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 (for iPad)

[ Import format ]
BMP,JPEG,TGA,PNG,TIFF,PSD,PSB,IPV(ibisPaint work file)
CSNF (CLIP STUDIO storyboard/name file)
3D data:FBX,LWO,LWS,OBJ,CS3C(CLIP STUDIO Character Format),CS3O(CLIP STUDIO Object Format),CS3S(CLIP STUDIO Background Format)
Movie data:MOV,MP4

[ Export format ]
Movie data:MOV,Animation GIF,MP4

[ About in-app billing ]
In-app billing is required to save a canvas and export a file to various formats.

-CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX monthly charge $8.99 (1 month)
All functions will be available.

[ Restoring in-app charges ]
To use the app on another iPad device, please execute the restoration from the in-app billing screen.
The in-app billing status for the purchase will be reflected.

[ About confirmation and cancellation ]
Select ""Recommended"" at the bottom of the AppStore application -> Select Apple ID -> Select ""Show Apple ID"" -> Select CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX from ""Administration"" in subscriptions.
From this screen check the next automatic update time, and cancel or set the automatic update.

[ Notes ]
-Fees charged within application can not be canceled by any method other than the above
-Charges will be processed via an iTunes account.
-Subscriptions are automatically updated from 24 hours before the subscription deadline of in-app billing and billing will then be continued.
-If you do not want to continue the subscribtion automatically, please cancel at least 24 hours before the subscription deadline.

[ Privacy Policy ]