Splasher! – 3D AR Effects

-Improved UI
-Bugs fixed
Splasher!, a unique app that allows you to leave “splashes” all over the world! The Splashes can be photos you take, graffiti, or 3D stickers. These splashes are only visible when someone visit that location and they will be able to view your splashes in augmented reality. It’s really a cool and revolutionary app that will encourage you to explore and share creations everywhere.
Augmented reality technology is a new and cool technology that makes use of our camera and allows us to combine the virtual world and the real world. Nowadays, most people are using AR for games. However, we want to create an app that allows you to interact with the world and share your creation at the same time. This is not a typical photo editing app with filters or special effects. This is the only AR app that allows you to draw on the location you visit in the virtual reality.
• A revolutionary app that combines virtual and augmented reality.
• Draw pictures, take photos, or place 3D stickers in memorable places.
• Place your creations in an augmented reality.
• Mark the place where you’ve left your creation on the map.
• Discover “splashes” or creative designs left by other people in various spots.
• Chat with people who make beautiful creations.
What are Splashers! good for? You can use Splashers to mark certain locations, share your memories of certain places, or even conduct some games and activities! Want to draw some graffiti but is prohibited? Try to draw them on the phone and place them using our AR technology! Encourage your friends to come and see how your graffiti looks at the spot you make them,
Splashers encourages you and your friends to explore places and discover memories and creations from SplashMates around the world! Chat with your friends and ask where they leave their designs. Discover what makes the place so special right where people make their creations.