Flikk: Stories On Lock Screen

Flikk is your new Lock Screen Buddy which brings handpicked, curated, trending & viral content every time you unlock your mobile phone.
Flikk brings the best of 'News' & 'Viral Stories' in a short and crisp format on your mobile lock screen.

Apart from providing great stories, Flikk is India's first screen rental app that pays guaranteed rent every 15 days; all you need to do is:
- Keep Flikk for 15 days, and
- Get 'chota mobile recharge' of Rs.10 every 15 days

Apart form this you can earn more by inviting friends.

You can use this rental to recharge your mobile or pay your mobile bills.

How To Start:

- Just download the Flikk app
- Choose your language: Currently we offer stories in English & Hindi
- You will land on the dashboard which offers complete view of your account
- Tap on Flikk Stories at the bottom of the dashboard and see your lock screen coming alive with some great stories & images
- Slide up to read more and do remember to share it with your friends on WhatsApp & Facebook

You can redeem your chota recharge once every 15 days after you have Rs.10 in your wallet. Our 'Wallet Booster' helps you increase your overall wallet balance, and once you reach Rs.10 in your wallet (and once you have completed 15 days) you can claim a chota mobile recharge.

We also offer a very smart feature called 'Snooze':
Think you need some timeout from stories on lock screen, it is there at top right of the mobile screen. Just tap on snooze and its done. You can snooze the stories on the lock screen twice a day.

Why should you keep Flikk on your smart phone:
- You get assured Rs.10 'chota recharge' for keeping and using Flikk for every 15 days
- We bring to you differentiated content which is difficult to find otherwise on the web

We hope you have a great time using the app, and we would love to hear from you, do share your feedback with us at admin@flikkapp.com