Tiki - Hey young, Let's video chat

1. increase 【people met】: people met will be kept for 72 hours, no regret for passing by

2. experience optimization: Virgo programmers do not miss every detail optimization and will bring you a better friendship experience
Tiki, the most real-time and interesting video chat software, through Tiki, you can chat with young people around the world face to face. Sincerely invite you to use it now

===== Nothing too busy to panic, to Tiki on the stroll =====

【One-on-one real-time video chat】
Online video chat break unreal photo dating, that Mama no longer worries about my friends from my phone!

【Beauty effect, fall in love with yourself】
Smart beauty effect will make u fall in love with the camera's own.

【Decorative border, unique experience】
No worry abut the mess surrounding, the Tiki can make u chat in a virtual space,like sea or forest e.g. !Just enjoy the funny chatting!

【Coolest 3D gift, funny talking】
cool 3D effect gifts makes you stunned to play reward the beauties
(* @ Ο @ *) wow ~ ~

【Contact Us】
- Facebook home page: https://www.facebook.com/tikichatapp/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
- Twitter home page: https://twitter.com/Tiki_App_cn
- Participate in our latest version of closed beta, join the QQ group: 480059065
- Tiki official website: http://tikiapp.im

This popular video chat app brings together all the funny, interesting guys, come and join us.
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