New Renters and Homeowners Insurance for New Yorkers
- Get insured in 60 seconds.
- No Brokers
- Killer Prices
- Everything’s Instant
- Committed to social impact

Forget everything you know about insurance, Lemonade is designed differently.

Powered by technology and transparency, you can get homeowners and renters insurance fast, all from the comfort of your phone. Say goodbye to paperwork and agents, file claims instantly, and choose a cause you believe in to giveback money to at the end of the year.

- Killer prices: We’ve cut the overhead so our renters insurance start from $5 a month!
- Instant everything: We’re powered by technology, so you can get a policy and file a claim in seconds and minutes, all from your phone.
- Committed to social impact: Lemonade is a B-Corp, meaning social good is baked into our legal mission. Choose a cause you believe in to give back to at the end of the year.

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