Oceans & Empires

[HUGE Updates for Oceans & Empires]

1. Updated "Check-In Rewards"
- Logging in daily guarantees top tier ship, "Vulcan"

2. New "Whale Resource Island"
- Available when your Alliance conquers a Trade City

3. New Alliance Skill "Legendary Empire Troops"
- Summon Empire Troops right near your Dominion and Rally Attack

4. New Individual missions, "Gates of Challenge"
- Various rewards receivable even by playing as solo

Other various changes have been made.
Check Community for details.
Build! Sail! Plunder!
Form alliances and fight with players around the world in this massive sea fight MMO.

It is time to sail out the ocean and conquer. Take over the ocean from the merciless Empire Troops and grab the world within your hands. Thus, be aware of other enemy Lords who are also seeking to become the ruler of the ocean. Attack your enemies while defending your dominion and claim your victory.

- Build and customize ships with your unique colors and patterns
- Train and organize ships, troops, and craft equipments that best fits your needs
- Create or join powerful alliances for epic naval battles
- Plunder NPC empire troops to get ready for the real battles
- Watch battle replays for better strategic decisions
- Trade goods at famous trade cities
- Hunt monsters and loot treasures
- Join players worldwide and play in 15 different language

No need to fear any battle or being left alone as other lords are waiting to join an Alliance with you.
Join other global players at the all new Naval MMO warfare, Oceans & Empires.

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