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Blind is an exclusive anonymous community app for the workplace, grouping verified tech professionals with their coworkers and their industry.

Find REAL answers to the most pressing and sensitive issues that matter to you - anonymously.

Tap into the most exclusive network of verified professionals.

All hands? Layoffs? Annual raises? Hangout in private channels dedicated to your company and get the scoop.

Interviews? Offers? Personal Advice? Swipe over to our industry channel to benchmark your career and keep up-to-date on trending news with people across your industry.

Anonymous Forum
• An open community for questions about any company
• Truly anonymous - even from the developers
• No professional barriers or hierarchy

Hot and Now
• Read and participate in trending discussions in your office and your industry
• Like and comment on the issues that matter to you
• Get notified of breaking news

Community Polls
• Find out how your coworkers honestly feel about a topic
• Charts and graphs to help you visualize your results

Search, Filter & Bookmark
• Find the discussions most relevant to you
• Search by company or this weeks' hottest discussions
• Bookmark important information

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